The Ardèche attracts people with a strong sense of adventure, a passion for history and authenticity and a thirst for new experiences. Maison Craux draws those who value a beautiful local meal and cozy yet elegant accommodation. Ideally situated in the mountains, Maison Craux only feels miles from civilization. You’re surprisingly close to the great cities of the south, golf links, shopping, scenic drives and abundant outdoor Ardèche activities. Hiking and biking on mountain trails, outback treks to Pont d’Arc spectacular waterfalls, visits to Lyon, Avignon and Orange are just a few of the possibilities.


Terre adélice makes handcrafted unique and authentic ice cream. What about flavors tomato, goat cheese or lavendar? Or try the most delicous strawberry and salted caramel!


Situated close to the Ardèche river is a lovely place called Ardelaine where they make their own local wool with respect for nature. For knitters a wonderful place to wander, but also to browse through handcrafted 100% Ardèche wool clothing and home decor.


The Rhône Valley is only a one hour drive from Maison Craux. From there you can visit beautiful wine areas such as Crozes Hermitage, Hermitage, Cornas and Condrieu. Many wineries offer the possibilty to visit the estate in combination with a wine tasting. But you can also choose a beautiful bottle of wine from our Medieval wine cellar!


For a day of golf we recommend the 18 holes golf course of Chambon sur Lignon. The golf course is known for its panoramic views.


Want to do some shopping? Valence is a great place for shopping and furthermore worth visiting. Of Roman origin, the town of Valence is built in terraces on the left bank of the Rhône and has kept its charm and authenticity.


There are some beautiful hiking trips in the area. Even when you just walk outside Maison Craux. We will be happy to advise you.


Rent a bike and ride along the route of the old steam train straight through the mountains of the Ardèche.


A wonderful way to enjoy the Ardèche nature is to rent a canoe or go rafting on the river Eyrieux. And for the real adventurers there is an adventure parc in the Eyrieux valley where you can climb rocks and walk on giant ziplines.


The Chauvet Cave is one of the most famous prehistoric rock art sites in the world. The cave art paintings have been dated about 30.000 years ago. A recreation of the cave shows the amazing paintings of mammoths, lions, bears, and much more. Definitely worth visiting!


Forming a thirty-kilometre long canyon running through the Ardèche it starts with the Vallon Pont d’Arc. This large natural bridge is carved out by the Ardèche river. The area shows the beautiful and authentic nature of the Ardèche.


Make a day trip to one of the great cities of the south of France. In about a two hour drive you can visit the cities of Lyon, Grenoble, Orange, Avignon or the heart of the Provence.